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Frazier Mountain Property

Medical Springs, Oregon

Price  $3,445,000.00


The Frazier Mountain Property provides the unique opportunity to combine agriculture, forestry and recreation. It encompasses a variety of habitat types ranging from early season grasses, sagebrush and ponderosa pine on the southern portion of the ranch, to dense-growing timber stands with grass on the north half. This diversity provides livestock and wildlife the ability to forage from spring to late fall. The property contains 5,350 contiguous acres inside a larger 9,560 acre grazing area. Water is provided from a combination of springs and streams. Timber value on the ranch also provides a great opportunity for additional income, with a forester’s 2014 visual estimate indicating $800,000.00 of current merchantable timber value.


The property is primarily timbered and contains both merchantable and pre-commercial trees. The ecological sites are primarily forested with native perennial grasses, including Sandbergs Bluegrass, Bluebunch Wheatgrass, Idaho Fescue, Basin Wildrye, Elk Sedge, Pine Grass, Ceonothus, Ninebark, Oceanspray, and Snowberry. The upper elevation of the ranch increases in precipitation to above 20” ppt, while the southern portion receives approximately 14” ppt. 

Identification of Subject Property:                                     

Baker County –

  • 5S  40E   TL 5700 –     869.00 acres
  • 5S  41E   TL 3900 –  1,160.00 acres
  • 6S  40E   TL   100 –     920.00 acres
  • 6S  41E   TL   900 –  2,409.00 acres

Location of Subject Property:

 Union County


There are no structures on this property.


  • 400 head grazing system for 5 months on 9,560 acres
  • Water is supplied from a combination of springs and a stream
  • 30 AUMS of USFS are included inside a fenced boundary June 1-October 31


According to the 2014 forester estimate, the majority of the ranch, approximately 4,476 acres, is timbered. Of the 4,476 acres, 2,280 acres were commercially thinned 7 to 10 years ago. Stand is well spaced and residual trees are growing well. Understory is moderate to well-stocked with good natural regeneration. This area has an estimated 6,484 MBF (thousand board feet) of marketable timber. 
The remaining 2,196 acres were commercially harvested in the early 90s using a shelter wood harvest. The area is not well stocked, with 15-20 year old sapling and poles. They are growing well and should be of marketable size in the next 10-20 years. 1,953 MBF of marketable timber is estimated.
A total of 8,437 MBF of marketable timber with a net value of $100/MBF (after harvest costs), the current timber value is $843,000.00 per forester visual estimate. 
Potential for future value: Forester thinks property is currently growing 600 MBF/year.  Over time, with proper management, the property has the capability of producing 1,500 MBF/year.

Recreation and Wildlife:

Located in the Catherine Creek Hunting Unit, the property qualifies for five (5) Landowner Preference (LOP) tags under the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife guidelines. The property sees elk, deer, bear and grouse. Mule deer and elk hunting provide good opportunities for harvesting big game on this ranch. Elk herds frequently cross through and live on the property during hunting season. 

Catherine Creek Hunting Unit:

This is a large hunting unit that is known for good deer and elk numbers. Many trophy deer and some large bulls have been harvested in this unit over the years. This unit has lots of public land that provides hunters with a variety of habitat types for hunting and camping. 


This property has many roads that provide good access across most of the property. 


EFU – Exclusive Farm Use

Mineral Rights:

The owner does not warrant that there are any mineral rights available. However, any mineral or geothermal rights owned by the seller are included as part of the property being offered for sale.  

Property Taxes:

2013 Tax Year - $9,153.00   


Access to the property is provided from Hwy 203 onto FS road 2034.


The lower end of the property is located in the 14” precipitation range, producing an abundance of Ponderosa Pine and Mountain Big Sagebrush. The upper end of the ranch exceeds 20” of precipitation where the Douglas Fir, Western Larch and White Fir grow. The majority of the moisture comes in the late fall and winter months in the form of snow. 

History of Union County:

The earliest inhabitants of Union County were members of the Cayuse Indian Tribe. They hunted bison and deer and fished for salmon and steelhead. The area was well known to early nineteenth-century fur trappers. The first permanent settlers arrived in the Grande Ronde Valley in 1861, and the following year a number of families established homes. Two years later, Union County was organized. Located on the Old Oregon Trail, this beautiful valley attracted the attention of many home seekers on their way to western Oregon. 
Agriculture in the Grande Ronde Valley began with livestock production. A littler later, small grain, potatoes, vegetables and fruit became important crops.
 The Union County area produces a variety of crops including wheat, barley, alfalfa, grass hay and pasture crops. Beef cattle production is the most important livestock enterprise. Most cattle operations are cow-calf. Feeder steers usually are shipped to feedlots elsewhere. Sheep production has recently shown a modest increase. 

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